What is Panorama

A panorama is any wide-angle view or representation of a physical space, whether in Painting, Drawing, Photography, film/Video, or a 3-Dimensional model. (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

Three Types of Panoramas

In terms of the format of panoramas, there are essentially three different types:

• Partial Panoramas: that you know mainly from traditional landscape photography. They are created by stitching of multiple photographs together side-by-side, which creates a photo with much wider angle that would not be possible with a normal lens.

• Cylindrical 360º Panoramas: One notch higher is 360° photos which capture the whole field of view in all directions around the photographer. These are called cylindrical panoramas. They cover 360-degrees around but not up and down view. These are too created by stitching multiple photographs together. The only real difference from partial panoramas is that you need to make sure the first and the last photos overlap.

• Spherical Panoramas (360ºx360º): Not only capture the 360-degree field of view but in which you can also look up and down. They can even be taken in a way that you can't see the tripod or the photographer's shadow in the picture.

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Partial Panoramas

Malibu Hindu Temple - Calabasas, CA - Click on the image to view a larger image

Cylindrical 360º Panoramas

Click on the image to view the moving panorama - This is a 360º Panorama we did for a real estate company 


Spherical Panoramas (360ºx360º)

Click on the image to view the moving panorama - This is a panorama we did at Will Rogers Memorial Park - Beverly Hills



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